Bottle sealer in the industry has a deep understanding and familiar with the latest market demand, our company at competitive market prices to provide packaging sealer equipment to meet the needs of customers. Our wide range of barrel sealing machines are suitable for food, cosmetics, daily chemical products, medicine and other industries.英文稻草人详情1.jpg

Machine details:1、Man-machine interface operating system is adopted, and the parameter setting is intuitive and accurate.2、 the mold can be customized according to the specifications of the sample, the mold can be flexibly replaced, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.3、the use of electricity, gas integration design, compact structure, high efficiency.4、fixed release film so that both sides are not easy to shake.

Prefabricated vegetable sealing machine

Semi-automatic box sealing machine

Desktop plastic box sealing machine

Facial mask cup sealing machine

Aluminum foil box plastic box packaging box sealing machine

Tray sealing machine

Automatic plastic cup sealing machine

Modified atmosphere packaging vacuum gas dinner plate sealing machine

Full automatic bottle sealing machine

Semi-automatic barrel sealing machine

Automatic assembly line bottle sealing machine

Small bottle sealing machine

Assembly line full-automatic continuous plastic barrel sedaling machine

Plastic hose sealing machine

Full automatic electromagnec aluminum foil induction sealing machine